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Immerse your customers in the exceptional benefits of, “Live Well” and “Health A-Z”. These invaluable resources, curated by healthcare professionals, provide up-to-date information to empower your customers. Additionally, our weekly health articles will keep them engaged and motivated on their health journey. Explore the array of other remarkable features we offer below as part of HealthPulse.

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Health A-Z

A comprehensive directory of hundreds of pages on your website featuring common health conditions, illnesses, and treatments. The Health A-Z section is written by healthcare professionals and is based on the latest evidence and research.

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Live Well

Provide your customers with the information and support they need to make positive changes to their lifestyle and achieve their health goals through your website.

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Repeat Prescriptions Ordering System

We have simplified the process of ordering repeat prescriptions, ensuring a seamless experience for both your customers and yourself. Your customers can conveniently upload a photo of their prescription directly from their phone and select their preferred date and time for collection. Rest assured, you have control over setting the minimum collection time that suits your needs.

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