A PharmacyNet healthcare website will help you to communicate better, sell more and attract new customers.

Within fifteen working days you can have a healthcare website that’s content rich with hundreds of healthcare pages and packed full of other resources dedicated to your Pharmacy. Contact PharmacyNet to avail of a FREE website design WITHOUT OBLIGATION for your Pharmacy.

E-Commerce Shop

The advantages to adding an ecommerce shop to your business is endless – move old stock through special offers, gift voucher sales for online orders, convenience for your customers or selling hampered gifts ideas for Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter! Additional charges apply for adding an E-Commerce system to your Excel Package. For more information please download our brochure and review.

Health A-Z

Your customers can use the Health A-Z section of your website to learn about hundreds of medical conditions and treatments. This information is constantly kept up to date for you and your clients! Our Health A-Z content is directly licensed from the NHS, this content is also used on the HSE website.

Free Website Design

Free website design service matching your corporate image and branding with the exception of our Entry Package, which is based on a standard template.

Ask the Pharmacist!

Customers will love this confidential and easy to use way to ask you for advice regarding any issues on their mind. Pharmacists are the single most accessible part of Ireland’s primary care network, with the typical person visiting a community pharmacy 19 times a year.